Learn a unique blend of riding skills using techniques based on imagery, mobility, and balance. Instead of just trying to get you to the end result, Tara will show you all the pieces in between that enhance the finish. Increase your timing, learn correct alignment and balance.

Intensive Course

The Intensive Course takes you from the start to the ultimate finish. This week-long, 4 -part program has been designed for the rider or trainer looking to diversify their education and obtain new levels in their abilities.


Geared toward teaching:
  • new training techniques and exercises.

  • the rider how to fine-tune their body position through proper balance, alignment, and muscle tone.

  • an intense rider who wishes to reach higher levels of training.


Trainers are Welcome
  • Perfect for the instructor who is looking for new ways to teach or enhance their current riding program.

  • .This training system will enrich education and performance.


What to Expect
  • Classes will be limited to 4 riders with horses who already have the ability to walk, trot, and canter safely.

  • No untrained horses or major behavioral issues for this particular class.

  • This class has an emphasis on fine-tuning and finishing work.

  • Class time is from 9:00-4:00 for five consecutive days per level.

  • Required classroom material will also be addressed.

At-Home Study

The student will then return home and practice both the exercises for the horse and the exercises for the rider. 



To be eligible for the next level each student must receive a 90% or higher.

  • When the student feels as though they are ready to be tested, they will return to complete a set number of exercises and be graded.

  • If the student receives a grade less than 90%, they may return after a 2-week period to retest again.

  • Once that level is passed, they will receive a Certificate of Completion.


  • All levels of the program must be passed and completed within a 3-month period or Level 1 must be repeated.

From Tara:

"I truly wish there was a program out there like this course for my own educational experience. I tell my students that I want them to surpass my training and be better than I could ever be. That is the mark of a good teacher and my ultimate goal as an educator. There are no easy fixes. It is just constant hard work, creativity, knowledge, motivation and becoming the best you can be for both your horse and yourself." 

Program Contracts

Muscle Modification Program

This program has been designed for the handler, or trainer looking for a more diversified level of education. Not only is this program geared toward the benefit of teaching new training techniques and exercises, but also toward teaching the handler how to identify specific parts and anatomy of the horse, but to also build the horse’s muscle structure.

Mini Clinic

At Talley-Ho Farm

  • Up to 6 riders are accepted

  • Small groups ensure plenty of personal attention.

  • Schooled reliable horses are available upon request

  • Trailer-in's are welcome

  • Cost $90.00 per rider

At your facility

  • 8-10 riders

  • Cost $125.00 per rider

  • Extra charges for distance and travel expenses

Bits & Pieces Program

3 day Clinic

Training Contract

Monthly Training

Important Information

Helpful Info for Clinics

I met Tara in the USA, as she attended a clinic I was conducting - I found Tara's passion for horses and skills with learning was very inspiring - Tara came to Australia, and stayed at our establishment to further her education and horsemanship.


As any horse person would say "you never stop learning" Tara then took on dressage, and knowledge of starting out on working the horse, and understanding the creation of making a partnership, that is supple, attentive and giving.  Keeping in mind soundness, and education at the horses level of training, and fitness.


Tara and her abilities with horses, and desire to learn and improve always with the horse as her main concern - it was such a pleasure to have Tara with us in Australia, and wish her all the best in the future. We know it will always be with what she loves which is the horses.

 Fay Mendez 

Olympic coach in the

London 2012 paralympic games 

Jose Mendez

a former trainer at the royal school in Spain.

You have a gift for expressing yourself in language, actions, teachings, and your gift in dealing with horses all combined together in one total package that makes you a person so many of us admire. You truly have discovered your inner gift. 

Kathy Coffman

Tara is an awesome riding instructor. I've taken lessons from many different instructors - even Olympic level people and didn't "get" some of the concepts until I started lessons with Tara. She has a gift for explaining things in terms that I could easily understand- not some nebulous concepts that left me confused. You won't be disappointed and your horse will thank you. 

Sherrie Hilliard

I feel grateful for the opportunity to train with you and have you train my horse. I know this winter was hard for many, but it was a blessing for me. You've taught me a lot, and I have so much to learn and assimilate. I look forward to understanding and utilizing more. Lark's body has changed, much to the astonishment of her saddle fitter. She is leaner, has a better topline, is learning to use her hind end better, has a steeper wither angle, and is learning to engage better. She's gone from a sluggish lesson horse to becoming the best horse she can be. I thank you with all my heart

Wendy Ford

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